The Hub presents opportunities for ideas to take wings and fly. Our programmes and projects offer the coaching, partnership, and infrastructure you need to be relevant in the dynamic market, thrive in an ongoing business, and transition from a start-up to a high-performance/growth business.  The hub offers national and international networks for project teams, experts and organizations, a versatile platform for active exchange, presenting new research fields, ideas and solutions. At The Hub, we encourage and nourish innovative and creative projects.

Our platform offers national and international networks for projects, brands, professionals, and organizations to foster active exchange, present research and ideas, and proffer solutions. Our programme and projects create ample opportunities that motivate broad thinking and creating and commercialising projects and solutions. These will take you through/from foundation and inspiring level (discovering, designing) and pitch stage till you grow (develop) and launch (deliver).

Choose Your Track

There are three tracks: Hub Projects, Industry-Hub Projects and Create Your Project.
hub project

Hub Projects

Each in-house project we run focuses on and tackles new issues – from earth to space. If you are committed, passionate and ready to step out of your comfort zone constantly, then this could be for you. Let’s do good through innovation and make a difference to our society, economy, environment. The formula we use every time = Discover x Design x Develop x Deliver

hub-industry project

Industry-Hub Projects

Our Industry-hub projects are run in partnership with industries. It supports innovative technology and businesses to revolutionise the industry and offer professional project support, as well the implementation of means and methods that spread a vast way of thinking, creating and commercialising projects and solutions.

personal project

Create Your Project

Do you long to make the world a better place? Innovation is more than just good ideas. Its what people do with the ideas that matters. You are likely to be thinking about your idea day and night. LPI Hub allows for cross-disciplinary projects – housing and helping experts, scientists and artists to collaborate beyond their individual disciplines, universities and offices , investigating issues and challenges and producing solutions.

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Get access to high-throughput computational resources for development and creation of new materials.

Focus Areas

We’ve defined five core areas in which we want to innovate and also where if necessary see new businesses being set up in our community. We’re looking for people with new propositions and business models, processes and ideas in these areas:

Excellent Economy

Food and Agriculture, Energy, Finance, Manufacturing,


Transportation, Internet, Urban Dev, Safety & Security


Health, Education, Good Government


IoT, Robotics, AI


Fashion, Architecture, Space-Redefined

Current Projects

Hub Project

Material Design

Hub Project


Hub Project