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The LPI Innovation Hub is a space that fosters ingenuity and inventions. It seeks to contribute to the driving demand for innovation and creativity, and so, prepare for the new frontier. We are dissatisfied with the status quo and work to solve the biggest pain points in different areas of our community from tech to business.

The Hub is open to creators and developers, designers and artists, techies and scientists, researchers, professionals, start-up and business owners, and students.

Our Focus Areas helps us organise ourselves in multidisciplinary teams and work with (and in) small project teams to develop new processes, create new business models, and ship new products and services to the connected global community. 

We are currently in Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa and located within the campus of the premier university in Nigeria, University of Ibadan.

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    Programmes & Projects

    The hub fosters innovative projects, digitally-focused business models for the future. The hub offers national and international networks for project teams, experts and organizations for an active exchange, a versatile platform for presenting new research fields, ideas and solutions. These programmes and projects offer the partnership, coaching and infrastructure you need to dictate and be relevant in the dynamic market, thrive in an ongoing business in the market place or transition from a start-up to a high-performance, high-growth business.

    How We Work

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    We are bringing

    Disruptive Ideas to Life

    We love the start-up spirit, rapid prototyping and the mindset of learning to grow and improve. This mindset is what enables us to bring ideas to life in unique ways. Our team members come from diverse cultural, academic and professional backgrounds giving us, as an entity, a broad perspective.

    We are collaborating for the next level in nation-wide development with a view to impact on the global ecosystem.
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    Our innovative partners are always interested in exciting ideas. Due to our bond with the Linux Professional Institute, we can rely on an expert network, a broad industry know-how and business opportunities in order to make things happen fast. Work together with us and disrupt the local ecosystem by creating new business models and setting new industry standards!