You can THRIVE

Welcome to the ‘new’ workspace.

The new year comes with great hope and expectations, following the happenings of past year- a global pandemic, lockdowns and sudden change.

We’ve heard it said that things will never be the same but we are hopeful and optimistic that, in it all, we will thrive.
How can we, in these unprecedented times, achieve this innate desire we all have- the desire to thrive? These are my thoughts:

Adapting to new rules and standards.
So the rules and general guidelines are not new but, more than before, we need to be diligent in taking them serious. The rules include hygiene, sanitization, wearing of face masks, social distancing etc. Our safety- and that of those around us- pivots around our consistency in keeping by these rules. We most certainly would rather not deal with the costly consequence(s) of a slip-up.
At the hub, we (staff and clients) are collectively committed to everyone’s safety and wellbeing so, we’re ‘playing by the rules’ to do our part in staying healthy as a community.

Hope is still in the air
Social distancing is a thing now but so is Zoom, and Google Meet and IG live and a host of other platforms through which we’ve managed to stay connected. It’s such a great thing that we can leverage on technology to keep in touch, reach out to give and receive help, collaborate and build, tutor and learn, and even attend a party!
The camaraderie we share at the LPI hub is amazing and we were super glad to be able to see each other in person post-lockdown. Today, our conversations might be at a distance and through the filter of our nose masks, but they are no less engaging, and the ideas we share are no less brilliant. We continue to harness the power technology so that our community stays connected virtually when we may not be able to do so physically.

The times may have changed but we can thrive [to innovate, to improvise, to optimize resources, to succeed].
It’s what we were born to do.