Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where’s LPI Hub

The Linux Professional Institute Innovation Hub is a solutions and strategic business and multidisciplinary innovation hub located on Appleton Road (Tech Rd.) in the premier University, The University of Ibadan,in the city of Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa.

  1. When is LPI Hub open?

The Hub is opened from Monday through to Friday; 9am-6pm daily. LPI Hub does not open on public holidays.

  1. How can I be a Member?

You can become a member by subscribing to the Hub. To become a member kindly click here to view the different membership package . All our membership rates are pocket friendly.Call or mail us for special packages.

  1. What kind of events do you hold at LPI Hub

Our events cuts across projects that solve latent problems and programs that deal with exchanging knowledge, ideas and inspiration, capacity and skill building; everything from pitching ideas, to conferences, to social-innovative programs, fire-charts, demo days to workshops.

  1. Do I have to be a member to be a part of a project or event?

No, when there is a window of opportunity, we are opened to receiving non-members who are interested in being a part of such projects and programs. However, being a member affords you the opportunity to enjoying the added advantage that comes with membership.

  1. What is the maximum number of members to form a team for a project?

The maximum number in forming a team for membership is 3. However, we are flexible in this regard, subject to face-face negotiation at the Hub and our bespoke membership type, chances are that we can accept more team members if need be.

  1. Why should I sign up for membership?

Memberships provide a link to our network of industry mentors and investors, as well as the opportunity to be a part of our supportive community and attend our events and capacity building programs.

Registering as a member gets you access to idea developers, diversity of entrepreneurs and start up professionals. As a member, you will also enjoy affiliate discounts and freebies coupled with enjoying classes and services designed to help you develop your project or accelerate your idea.

On registering as a member, you also gain access to our co-working lab. You could be a developer wanting to delve into data, an innovator desperate to grow an idea or an entrepreneur with big business plans. This access comes with hub facilities.

  1. On registration, does my payment roll-over?

No, there are no roll-overs. Upon registration, your payment spans for a period of time depending on your payment plan after which, on expiration of such payment, you are required to re-subscribe so as to enjoy continuous access to the Hub facilities.

  1. Does the Hub fund Business Ideas?.

We are always on the look out for smart young people who want to scale their idea. It is on this note that we provide an interface between start-ups owners and potential investors. However, before this can occur, such idea must pass through our criteria test and subject to our investors.

  1. After sharing my Idea, what are the chances that they are kept private?

We are built on strong values of ethics and professionalism centered on protecting your intellectual property. To know more about our privacy terms please check here